Why Do Glowing Sharks Glow?

Why Do Glowing Sharks Glow?.Claes has been studying these elusive fish for a decade, and has been slowly piecing together the purpose of their glow. The light comes from many small organs called photophores, which dot their bellies and sometimes their flanks. No one knows how these structures produce light, but Claes and his team are getting close to knowing why they do so.

Overpopulation: Food Crisis and Future Hunger Wars – Boomer Warrior

Overpopulation: Food Crisis and Future Hunger Wars – Boomer Warrior.As the global population grows from 7 billion to almost 9 billion by 2040, and the number of middle-class consumers increases by 3 billion over the next 20 years, the demand for resources will rise exponentially. By 2030, the world will need at least 50 per cent more food, 45 per cent more energy and 30 per cent more water — all at a time when environmental boundaries are throwing up new limits to supply.

Even as the world’s population has grown to its current level of 7 billion, global food production has kept pace: today enough food is produced to feed all of us comfortably. However, access to food is another story: hunger has risen in recent years and food prices have increased………..the number of undernourished people in developing countries increased by about 20 million between 2000 and 2008. Recent years have also seen the productivity increases of the agricultural “Green Revolution” start to run out of steam, with concerns over prices of inputs such as fertilizers, water availability and competition for land also casting a shadow over the supply outlook.

With the majority of the world’s people living in coastal areas, oceans are crucial for humanity’s future…. however, overfishing has led to 85 per cent of all fish stocks now being classified as overexploited, depleted, recovering or fully exploited, a situation substantially worse than two decades ago. Meanwhile, agricultural run-offs mean that levels of nitrogen and phosphorus in the oceans have trebled since preindustrial times, leading to massive increases in coastal “dead zones”. The world’s oceans are also becoming more acidic as a result of absorbing 26 per cent of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, affecting both marine food chains and coral reef resilience. If ocean acidification continues, disruptions of food chains and direct and indirect impacts on numerous species are considered likely with consequent risk to food security, affecting the marine-based diets of billions of people worldwide

TBI and PTSD Hits Washington State Qualifying Conditions List This Friday

TBI and PTSD Hits Washington State Qualifying Conditions List This Friday.When Governor Inslee signed SB 5052 last April, he set in motion the wheels of devolution for Washington State medical marijuana patients. Implementing several odious modifications to the state’s existing medical marijuana laws: SB 5052 closes scores of collectives/dispensaries, slashes the number of plants a patient can cultivate at any one time, and reduces the amount of flower patients can ultimately possess. So, while it’s great news that TBI and PTSD finally made it onto the list of acceptable medical conditions in Washington State … it represents the only forward 

How Carl Sagan Predicted Marijuana Legalization

How Carl Sagan Predicted Marijuana Legalization.Outside a tobacconist’s there was a long, orderly, and polyglot line of people attracted by the first week of legalized sale of cured cannabis cigarettes from the United States. By French law they could not be sold to or consumed by those under eighteen years of age. Many in line were middle-aged and older. Some might have been naturalized Algerians or Moroccans. Especially potent varieties of cannabis were grown, mainly in California and Oregon, for the export trade. Featured here was a new and admired strain, which had in addition been grown in ultraviolet light, converting some of the inert cannabinoids into the 1Δ isomer. It was called “Sun-Kissed.” The package, illustrated in a window display a meter and a half high, bore in French the slogan “This will be deducted from your share in Paradise

Who gets a $41 billion subsidy? (a) The renewable energy sector, or, (b) fossil fuels

Who gets a $41 billion subsidy? (a) The renewable energy sector, or, (b) fossil fuels.“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”  – Dawn of the Dead

Having been depicted as a carbon tax zombie by News Corp earlier this month, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten set out to try to prove he’s not a dead man walking with a big commitment to renewable energy.

Labor would support half Australia’s large-scale production coming from renewables by 2030 he declared, though this target was only an ambition and exactly how Labor would try meet it (you know, all the tricky policy stuff) remains unclear

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/renewable-energy-expense-attacked-as-australia-gifts-41-billion-to-fossil-fuels-20150725-gijsvh.html#ixzz3h44Roqoe

13 Crap-Your-Pants Photos That’ll Make You Stay Out of the Ocean Forever – WorldLifestyle

13 Crap-Your-Pants Photos That’ll Make You Stay Out of the Ocean Forever – WorldLifestyle.The ocean is a magical, mystical wonderland filled with otherworldly sea creatures and exotic marine life. And you know what? They can have it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ocean. But I’m with the lady who advised us all to stay the hell out, because that’s the shark’s house. And these 13 photos just prove the point. All yours, shark.