Let’s Change the World

Let me make one conception clear about herbivorous and carnivorous. The living creature that drink water by tongue are carnivorous and the one drink by lips are herbivorous by natural law. Human in early stage of evolution was used to drink water by tongue so was carnivorous. Now it is no more carnivorous but for taste. Weather it is veg or non-veg food value is same in both.

May Nothing Stop You

Somewhere throughout my life I had been taught that being compassionate was laughable and worthy of embarrassment but I should’ve been happy with myself, I was changing the world and watching my world change as a result.

I’m neither a doctor, nor a specialist but it’s not hard to see the benefits of Veganism once you’ve read the facts. Eating animal products is;

detrimental to our health,

horrifyingly cruel to the beings we share this planet with,

destructive to the rainforest that provides us with the oxygen we need to live,

and excessively harmful to the planet we are but a guest of.

To think that we as a world are willing to cause all of this because we like the smell of bacon too much to give it up. But I don’t want you to lose faith in humanity, I want to tell you, to show you, how going…

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