The Roots of Discrimination

Your feelings have logic. To understand batter you see a child consciousness is like a empty vessel. Whatever will be filled in it will be expressed by it. For example if a child will not know what is rape he will not do it in his life. Same thing goes for all actions. Logically we are just living past not life itself. Actually human is genome robot. Word is not a thing but just a thought. Discrimination is just a philosophy of our teachings.

The Politics of Writing

I’ve been having trouble deciding whether there has been a sudden uproar of prejudice and discrimination in the United States, or whether I am just now paying attention to it. This issue seems insignificant when one begins to think of how to eradicate discrimination. I am inclined to say that it is simply a part of human nature on all levels, but when we further understand the roots of discrimination the more we can work chisel away at it to its lowest forms.

I’ve noticed one feature in every discriminatory person I’ve met: ignorance. It is the lack of understanding something that brews prejudice and discrimination.

This is a very crude example but it is revealing. If you ask a student in High School what subject he loathes the most, maybe he’ll say math. If you ask him why he loathes math he’ll say that it is difficult and he…

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