The Dual Faces of Cannes

Its not criticism just to make me superior. We see what we like to see. Non of the participant saw what you saw. This is first time I am hearing poverty in Cannes. May be I am hearing what I like to hear but it very interesting fact if it is a fact. The truth of this world since we have become civilized or are we. Humanity has gone under pile of show off load. It cannot come out. The person without money is useless even if it become a president of country like India. People just want to show off there photo with him to show off. Abdul Kalam President of India is the best example.


Cannes has, for decades, been synonymous with celebrities, expensive villas and super-yachts, but is there a more sinister undertone to the glitz and glamour of the chic Mediterranean retreat?

11050714_1424140611229250_8317412909026976035_n The view of Cannes from Theoule-sur-mer.

Earlier on this year, I was fortunate enough to spend a matter of months in the Cannes region of the glamorous Cote d’Azur, working for a wealthy American family. When describing the resort, glamorous is the only adjective one can use: the palm trees on the grand boulevard quite literally glitter (see picture) as the darkness of night veils the town, every other car is ostentatious enough to make Lady Gaga’s quirkiest outfit look dull, and the vast array of luxury yachts, which line the lengths of the old port and bob majestically on the rippling water, belie the wealth of the town’s inhabitants.

cannes Overlooking Cannes Old Town.

My trip propitiously coincided with the arrival of the internationally…

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