The top 10 train journeys in the world

The top 10 train journeys in the world.Oh! The romance of train travel… There are still some wonderful trains around, and our selection of the best train rides in the world covers the super luxurious train and railroad cars, locomotives for the traditionalists, as well as train trips for the more adventurous.

It’s a great way to take a holiday—especially for those restless amongst us who want constantadventure, and get bored lying on a beach for too long. Rather like cruises on wheels (but without the endless food), a great train ride can introduce you to incredible landscape, off-the-beaten-track culture, and interesting (though sometimes in the Chinese sense!) travelling companions.
And, regardless of the curious attractions of train-spotting, there’s still a passion for trains within most of us. It’s the sense of journeying that does it—the changing landscapes, the borders crossed, the strangers met fleetingly between stops. As for the trains and carriages themselves—they are all here: steam trains, electric trains, cog-railways and diesels.


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