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Ending Job Discrimination Against Marijuana Smokers

Ending Job Discrimination Against Marijuana Smokers.One of the most troubling aspects of current marijuana policy in this country, even in those states that have legalized marijuana, is the continuing job discrimination faced by those who smoke marijuana.

In 49 states (Arizona is the sole exception), a private employer is legally free to fire anyone who tests positive for THC in their system, without the slightest suggestion the individual came to work in an impaired condition. It is a relic left over from the “reefer madness” days when marijuana smokers were considered bad people, and employers were anxious to identify smokers and get rid of them.

Arizona does not permit employers to discriminate against legal medical marijuana users (they do not yet have legal recreational use) “unless a failure to do so would cause an employer to lose a monetary or licensing benefit under federal law or regulations.” Of course, employees in Arizona are not protected if they come to work in an impaired condition, or possess or use marijuana in the workplace. Until we manage to change federal law, that is a good model for new states to consider, as they draft either medical use or full legalization proposals.

For those who may not know, it is important to understand that THC remains in the system for days, or for heavy, long-term users even weeks, after the individual has smoked marijuana. But the individual is only impaired for about 90-minutes after smoking. It is the impairment that should be of concern to the employer, not the off-work usage

Oregon Will Likely Have The Most Saturated Cannabis Industry In The Nation

Oregon Will Likely Have The Most Saturated Cannabis Industry In The Nation.Oregon has the lowest barrier to entry than any other state that has a legal marijuana industry. Oregon is also a great place to grow marijuana. That combined with the fact that everyone and their grandma wants in on the industry is creating a very crowded Oregon cannabis scene. It doesn’t mean that people will be pushed out of the industry by default, but it does mean that those that are in the industry, or are going to get in on the industry, need to step up their game. Branding is going to be VITAL moving forward in the Oregon cannabis industry. Any company that doesn’t have an effective branding strategy in place is going to struggle as a result, no matter how good their products are

Lawmakers Ask Feds to Investigate Medical Marijuana Interference

Lawmakers Ask Feds to Investigate Medical Marijuana InterferenceAfter several unsuccessful attempts to attach the amendment to annual spending bills, it was first approved by the U.S. House of Representatives last year by a bipartisan margin of 219-189, and was signed into law by President Obama. This year, the proposal got an even bigger tally of support in the House — 242-186 — and was additionally approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee by a vote of 21 -9. Congress is still completing work on those overall funding bills, but the large margins of support in both chambers mean that there’s a good chance the prohibition will be enacted into law again through legislation covering Fiscal Year 2016.


TBI and PTSD Hits Washington State Qualifying Conditions List This Friday

TBI and PTSD Hits Washington State Qualifying Conditions List This Friday.When Governor Inslee signed SB 5052 last April, he set in motion the wheels of devolution for Washington State medical marijuana patients. Implementing several odious modifications to the state’s existing medical marijuana laws: SB 5052 closes scores of collectives/dispensaries, slashes the number of plants a patient can cultivate at any one time, and reduces the amount of flower patients can ultimately possess. So, while it’s great news that TBI and PTSD finally made it onto the list of acceptable medical conditions in Washington State … it represents the only forward 

How Carl Sagan Predicted Marijuana Legalization

How Carl Sagan Predicted Marijuana Legalization.Outside a tobacconist’s there was a long, orderly, and polyglot line of people attracted by the first week of legalized sale of cured cannabis cigarettes from the United States. By French law they could not be sold to or consumed by those under eighteen years of age. Many in line were middle-aged and older. Some might have been naturalized Algerians or Moroccans. Especially potent varieties of cannabis were grown, mainly in California and Oregon, for the export trade. Featured here was a new and admired strain, which had in addition been grown in ultraviolet light, converting some of the inert cannabinoids into the 1Δ isomer. It was called “Sun-Kissed.” The package, illustrated in a window display a meter and a half high, bore in French the slogan “This will be deducted from your share in Paradise