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India is the third largest producer of agricultural output in the World. Nearly two thirds

of India’s population still derives their livelihoods from agricultural sector

directly and indirectly. Thus, agriculture development is always a priority in the

development policy in India. Most of the agricultural policies in India during the pre-

1990s era were centred on production-oriented strategies. These policies were highly

relevant until mid-eighties-as increase of food production was a primary development

goal of the India’s policy to reduce the dependency on other countries for food

imports. The First to Fifth Five Years Plans (1951 to 1975) mainly focused on

irrigation expansion, introduction of so-called ‘green revolution’ technologies

especially modern crop varieties/hybrids, government’s policy support for both input

and output marketing, setting of big fertiliser plants for increasing domestic supplies

of chemical fertilisers, nationalisation of commercial banks in order to increase the

rural credit flow, setting up of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices, and

setting up of Food Corporation of India, etc. mainly aimed at achieving rapid growth

in food grain production in India. As a result of all these efforts, India’s food

economy has been transformed from a ‘chronic deficit’ stage to the ‘self-reliance’

stage by the mid-eighties, and reached the record of food surplus stage by the end of

Inter-Conference Symposium of International Association of

Agricultural Economists (IAAE) on