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Rare Footage Shows George Bush’s 1987 Visit to Monsanto, Uttering Seven Infamous Words That Would Change Everything

Rare Footage Shows George Bush’s 1987 Visit to Monsanto, Uttering Seven Infamous Words That Would Change Everything.Proponents of genetically engineered crops would have you believe that we’ve been “modifying” foods for “thousands of years.”

But the truth is that these lab-created GMOs are far different from traditional hybrid crops and have only been around for a few decades.

And if not for intense lobbying on the part of St. Louis agrochemical giant Monsanto, GMOs might have never even seen the light of day in the United States.

In 1986, with countless millions at stake, four executives from the Monsanto Company paid a White House visit to a then-Vice President named George H.W. Bush with the goal of gaining an important ally in Washington.

Monsanto wanted to secure its spot on the “deregulation” bandwagon being driven by the Reagan administration at the time.

One year later, Bush took the bait and paid a visit to the company’s headquarters for a media event that included personal time with company scientists and reps. 

Monsanto’s reps wanted Bush to help them get their dangerously untested GMOs to market, and pleaded with him (see the video below) to help make it happen.

What Bush said in response gave rise to a culture of blissful ignorance and irresponsibility that allowed Monsanto’s controversial “frankencrops” to spread virtually unopposed ever since.

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Mango (Mangifera Indica Linn) is the most important fruit of India and is known as “King of fruits”. The fruit is cultivated in the largest area and the production is around 15.00 million tons, contributing 40.50% of the total world production of mango. The main mango producing states in India are Uttar Pradesh (22.50%), Andhra Pradesh (21.00%), Karnataka (11.21%), Bihar (9.35%), Gujarat (6.00%) and Tamil Nadu (5.00%). Total export of mangoes from India is 54.20 thousand tons, valuing Rs. 160.92 crores during 2010-11. India exports mango to over 40 countries worldwide. The major importing countries of India’s Mangoes during the period of 2010-11 were UAE (60.79%), Bangladesh (11.10%), UK (9.00%), Saudi Arabia (3.29%), Kuwait (2.12%), and Bahrain (2.79%) respectively. (There could be some variation in data because different agencies have conflicting opinion.)

Mango covers an area of 4946 thousand hectare with a production of 37.12 million tons in the world during the year of 2010. India occupies top position among mango growing countries of the world and produces 40.50% of the total world mango production. China and Thailand stood at second and third position among mango producing countries in the world with 4,366 and 2,551 thousand tons respectively. The other major mango producing countries in the world during 2010 were Thailand (2550 thousand tons), Pakistan (1784 thousand tonnes), Mexico (1633 thousand tonnes) and Indonesia (1314 thousand tonnes) respectively.

Mango is grown almost in all the states of India. Uttar Pradesh tops the list of mango producing states. Other major producing states are Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar and Gujarat. Rest of the states has quite less production.

Uttar Pradesh is the leading mango producing state with production of 3,621.22 thousand tons followed by Andhra Pradesh state which has production of 3,360.40 thousand tons. Karnataka 1,778.75 thousand tonnes followed by Bihar and Gujarat 1,334.87 and 911.30 thousand tons respectively.

The most horrible observation is SIYANA was declared fruit belt few decades ago and its name is not even in the list of government agency site. The farmers of this tehsil of district Bulandshahr are totally ignored by every government. They do not have the proper facility that a fruit belt must have. No main highway, Rail, Pollution, Electricity, Marketing and protection from natural calamity have been provided to this town.  While a much smaller place like Kithaur is mentioned in the list just because it situated on the main Garh and Meerut road highway. Another reason could be it’s a Muslim area and there are some very influential Muslim leaders always present in some party. It is famous for its nurseries also. If you will pass it you can see some beautiful farm houses that provide VIP all kind of facilities.

Uttar Pradesh –Distt. –  Lucknow, Sultanpur, Sitapur, Unnao, Hardoi, Barabanki, Faizabad, Saharanpur, Bulandshahr, Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnaur, Moradabad, Deoria, Basti, Maharajganj, Kabir Nagar, Gorakhpur, Kushi Nagar

Lucknow – Malihabad, Rahimabad, Bhauli, Itaunja, Mahoma, Nagram, Nigohan, Sisendi, Utrahthia, Gosainganj, Jugganar, Chanhat, Bani, Alamnagar, Kakori, Bhauli

Saharanpur – Badshah Bagh, Raipur, Muzaffarabad, Kalsia, Behat, Chilkana, Rampur, Sarsawa, Pilkhani, Bhayla, Deoband, Gangoh, Lukhnauti, Nanauta.

Muzaffarnagar – Chausera, Titron, Jalalabad, Bidauli, Shahpur, Banal, Sisanli, Khatauli, Janesh, Mimpur, Kandala.

Meerut – Mulharia, Tanda, Sakoti, Phalavada, Bashuma, Lawar, Daurala, Marware, Hastinapur, Jani, Kithaur

Varanasi – Sindhora, Babatpur, Phulpur, Cholapur, Mirzaurad, Samath