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अलविदा अहंकार

Source: अलविदा अहंकार
अहंकार मानव के पाँच बडे दुष्मनों में से एक इसका मानवीय मानसिकता में पैदा होना ही मानव का इस ग्र्ह पर विनाश होना तय है


We Bet You Haven’t Even Heard Of These 18 Exotic Destinations In India


HolidayIQ Traveller Partha De Sarkar from Kolkata shares, “The beautiful Tinchuley village is 30 km away from Darjeeling. We drove down to Tinchuley in two hours through magnificent mountainous countryside. Location was selected away from the main road to avoid too many flocking and destroying its ambiance. The village had prospect for creating rock climbing facilities, caving in near by caves and bird watching. Nature is bountiful here. Hills are covered with green pine and oak trees. The gurgling Teesta runs through a narrow gorge. Rainfall in upper reaches creates waterfalls when it rains.”