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Rare Footage Shows George Bush’s 1987 Visit to Monsanto, Uttering Seven Infamous Words That Would Change Everything

Rare Footage Shows George Bush’s 1987 Visit to Monsanto, Uttering Seven Infamous Words That Would Change Everything.Proponents of genetically engineered crops would have you believe that we’ve been “modifying” foods for “thousands of years.”

But the truth is that these lab-created GMOs are far different from traditional hybrid crops and have only been around for a few decades.

And if not for intense lobbying on the part of St. Louis agrochemical giant Monsanto, GMOs might have never even seen the light of day in the United States.

In 1986, with countless millions at stake, four executives from the Monsanto Company paid a White House visit to a then-Vice President named George H.W. Bush with the goal of gaining an important ally in Washington.

Monsanto wanted to secure its spot on the “deregulation” bandwagon being driven by the Reagan administration at the time.

One year later, Bush took the bait and paid a visit to the company’s headquarters for a media event that included personal time with company scientists and reps. 

Monsanto’s reps wanted Bush to help them get their dangerously untested GMOs to market, and pleaded with him (see the video below) to help make it happen.

What Bush said in response gave rise to a culture of blissful ignorance and irresponsibility that allowed Monsanto’s controversial “frankencrops” to spread virtually unopposed ever since.

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KILLER of Humanity

Agriculture Production

Agriculture based Industry – INDIA.
A country that is much more based on agriculture but lacking to give protection to farmers. Farmer are dyeing by suicide is really very surprising. There are not many businessman suicide in the past. The cause of suicide is loan from the bank. Only government bank give loan to farmers. What u think about it.
India is the world’s largest producer of many fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, major spices, select fresh meats, select fibrous crops such as jute, several staples such as millets and castor oil seed. India is the second largest producer of wheat and rice, the world’s major food. India is also the world’s second or third largest producer of several dry fruits, agriculture based textile raw materials, roots and tuber crops, pulses, farmed fish, eggs, coconut, sugarcane and numerous vegetable. India ranked within the world’s five largest producers of over 80% of agricultural produce items, including many cash crops such as coffee and cotton, in 2010. India is also one of the world’s five largest producers of livestock and poultry meat, with one of the fastest growth rates, as of 2011.
One report from 2008 claimed India’s population is growing faster than its ability to produce rice and wheat. Other recent studies claim India can easily feed its growing population, plus produce wheat and rice for global exports, if it can reduce food staple spoilage, improve its infrastructure and raise its farm productivity to those achieved by other developing countries such as Brazil and China.
In fiscal year ending June 2011, with a normal monsoon season, Indian agriculture accomplished an all-time record production of 85.9 million tons of wheat, a 6.4% increase from a year earlier. Rice output in India also hit a new record at 95.3 million tones, a 7% increase from the year earlier Lentils and many other food staples production also increased year over year. Indian farmers thus produced about 71 kilograms of wheat and 80 kilograms of rice for every member of Indian population in 2011. The per capita supply of rice every year in India is now higher than the per capita consumption of rice every year in Japan.
India exported around 2 million metric tons of wheat and 2.1 million metric tonnes of rice in 2011 to Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh and other regions around the world.


There are many reason human had created to eradicate his presence on this planet. Few of them are Nuclear Bomb, Population, Sactorial Violence, Ecological disturbance due to Green House effect, Mismanagement of water resources, Reduction of forest and increasing Industrialization. We are used to comfort of physical material that is destroying the balance in nature. We get Air and Water free from nature. For food we have to work although it was also free before human mind development. He had learned the art of accumulation because of greed. Water is also becoming scare for population in many countries. It is feared that next big war is possible due to water. Air is already polluted human is getting many sickness due to this. The way the population is increasing there is food shortage in the world. According to UN nearly 664 million people will not get food in 2009. Food grain stock has reduce in the world 10 crore 70 lack tone last year to 19 crore 70 lack tone in 2001. World two big producers China 50 crore tones and India 21 crore 50-lack tone are sitting on their buffer stock.

Basically India is a country of farmers, 64% population lives in village and depend on farming for living. If you see the price index of last 40 years one can understand the horrible condition of the farmers in India. Diesel Pisa 0. 95/liter to Rs.60, Petrol Rs.2.0 to Rs. 80.00/liter, Kerosene Paisa0.50 to Rs.30/liter, LPG Rs.40.0 to 450/slander, Cement Rs. 8.0 to 450/bag, Electricity Pisa 0.50/unit to 5.0/unit, and Gold Rs. 200.0 to 31000.0/10gram and see the value of farmers goods Wheat Rs.350.0 to Rs. 1000.0/quintal, Rice Rs. 600.0 to Rs. 1500/quintal, Sugarcane Rs. 500.0 to Rs.2000.0/quintal, Jawar Rs. 300.0 to Rs. 1000.0/quintal. This shows a big dissimilarity and reason of poor condition of farmer. Another joke with farmer is low wages for labor was Rs. 5.0 has reached to Rs. 150.0 a day. Every government elected in India will win on the vote of farmers. But farmers are not united in India so all the government does not take care for the welfare of them. In last 66 year of independence politician have divided the farmer in cast, region and sect and he is not even able to fight for his right. Leaders like Sardar Ballabh Bhai Patel, Lal Bahadur Shaahtri, Charan Singh and Mahaveer Tyagi are no more there to fight for them. But exploiters like Ajeet Singh, Mulayam Yadav, Lalu Yadav, Mayawati, Bhajanlal, Nitish, Patnaik or Mamta etc. are mushrooming all over India. At least first time in July 2000 under the government of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Bajpayee of BJP coalition they have passed the bill of Agriculture Policy. But still till 2014 there is no proper implementation.