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Nirmala Sitharaman dares Rahul Gandhi to visit Cong-ruled states

Nirmala Sitharaman dares Rahul Gandhi to visit Cong-ruled states.Raising the issue to shine their politics is big joke with farmers. Farmers have been neglected by congress all these years so Rahul is not qualified to talk about their problem. If Nirmala knows the condition of farmers in congress ruled state than she must tell what their government doing for that. Raising finger on each other are just insulting the farmers. If farmers still keep a blind eye toward the culprit they are deceiving themselves.  Farmer and Laborer are big vote bank in India they have good chance o teach the lesson to cheaters.

“I challenge Rahul Gandhi, who is typical in handling the situation, to go to Congress-ruled states, especially Karnataka, where a large number of farmer suicides happened during the last few months,” she said.


Referring to Gandhi’s visits to Tamil Nadu and Anantpur in Andhra Pradesh to meet farmers, she said he should have at least gone to Maharashtra, where highest number of farmer suicides took place during the previous Congress regime