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PM Narendra Modi Convenes Meeting to Discuss Sugar Sector Crisis

PM Narendra Modi Convenes Meeting to Discuss Sugar Sector Crisis.<a data-pin-do=”embedBoard” href=””>Follow Pinterest’s board Official news on Pinterest.</a>
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PM Narendra Modi Convenes Meeting to Discuss Sugar Sector Crisis

File Photo: PM Narendra Modi.

NEW DELHI:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has convened a meeting to discuss long-term measures to address the concerns of cash-starved sugar mills and expedite payment of cane arrears of over Rs. 14,000 crore to farmers.

Finance minister Arun Jaitley, Food minister Ram Vilas Paswan, Agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh and Commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman will be part of the meeting.

The food ministry has proposed various short and long term measures to overcome the crisis that includes mandatory higher exports, increased ethanol blending with petrol and expansion of co-generation power capacity.

“The PM’s meeting on sugar is scheduled for today. The food minister will make presentation on the sugar sector,” sources said.

In order to address the crisis faced by the industry, the food ministry is believed to have proposed allowing compulsory export of upto four million tonnes of sugar till prices stabilise to a certain level, sources said.

The losses, incurred by sugar mills in exports if any, would be borne by the government by raising the sugar cess from the existing level of 24 paise per kg, they added.

As part of a long term solution, the ministry has proposed increased compulsory ethanol blending with petrol to six per cent from the current five per cent and eventually achieve 10 per cent blending over the next five years.

It has also proposed continuing all existing schemes that promote use of molasses for ethanol production, besides suggesting to increase the capacity of power co-generation.

The sugar industry — which owes about Rs. 14,398 crore to cane farmers — is unable to make the payment as it is facing a severe Follow Pinterest’s board Official news on Pinterest.

liquidity crunch on account of surplus production that has resulted in low prices of sugar in the domestic markets.



The horticulture sector has in past few years, proved to be the engine of growth in agriculture for improving the productivity per unit area, source of generating employment, improving the economic wellbeing of the farming community and the entrepreneurs involved in agriculture and horticulture and thereby enhancing exports and capable of earning considerable foreign exchange. Fruits and vegetables are considered to be the protective food because it helps us to develop a defensive mechanism in human system. Mango is called as “The King of Fruits” preferred by all sections of people for its delicious taste, flavour, attractive colour, nutritive value and superior

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This report is official from Government Wikipedia. As I belong to mango fruit belt in Distt.-Bulandshahr, U.P. there is no awareness of any such program from NHM. I will personally meet the official from NHM to find this information. My tube well transformer was faulted one year before. I have informed the UPPCL complaint department but nothing is done till now. The chuck road is not in condition for any kind of transport. No one provide any kind of pesticide information. Most of the people do not know where is the NHM office is situated.